About Us

RGebbiePhoto is owned and operated by the husband, wife team of Robert and Lori Gebbie. We are artists, Illustrators, Photographers and writers. We are also personal growth and development mentors, coaches and speakers. Each day is a new adventure in experience and creativity; it is hard to say where work and life will lead us next. We endeavor to always inspire and enlighten while, together, we create a design, capture a moment or write the next phrase.

Photographer, Artist, Illustrator and Writer - RGebbiePhoto - Robert Gebbie Photography is dedicated to the developing, growing, exploring and marketing of creative products and services to the general public and commercial markets. Our primary focus is to promote the services and works of our artists largely in the Photographic and Graphic Design fields. It is also our endeavor in this journey to help others, with information and guidance for those pursuing creative projects or professions and by charitable efforts in the local communities.

We believe in high standards both in our ethics and the quality of our products and services. It is further believed that personally and professionally goodwill towards others has it’s own rewards, in helping others we often discover new inspiration, perspective and creativity.

Robert Gebbie is our main artist, writer and photographer with over twenty five years experience in the creative fields. Also managing our social and network marketing efforts Robert strives to continually improve the quality of our imagery and the standard of both the service and products we provide.

Lori Gebbie is our Operations Manager, as well as our Stock Photography Liaison. Her keen eye for quality keeps our stock portfolios fresh and exciting. Her creativity is a large influence on our team. Working side by side with her husband, together they have created some extremely emotional and passionate imagery.