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Hello, RGebbiePhoto is owned and operated by the husband, wife team of Robert and Lori Gebbie. We are Artists, Illustrators, Photographers and Writers. We are also Personal Growth and Development Mentors, Coaches and Speakers. Each day is a new adventure in experience and creativity; it is hard to say where work and life will lead us next. We endeavor to always inspire and enlighten while, together, we create a design, capture a moment or write the next phrase. Welcome to our life, we hope you enjoy the journey.

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www.zazzle.com/ThePaperCut - Invitations!
www.zazzle.com/GIJets - Our Salute to US Military Airships
www.zazzle.com/BusterNFriends - Our Animal Lovers Site
www.zazzle.com/Gebboodles - Abstracts and Artistic Expression
www.zazzle.com/ItsyBitsyBikinis - Summertime!
www.zazzle.com/MyRedeemerLives - Christians Welcome!
www.zazzle.com/Spindleworks - Steampunk Designs!

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Creativity Constantly in Motion

Our creative journey has taken us into many different aspects of the “artist” lifestyle. Knowing that diversity is the way to keep a fresh outlook, we have ventured from stock photography and illustration into what we are today; a wide and varied platform of services to compete in today’s tight economic marketplace.

Robert Gebbie Photography is dedicated to the developing, growing, exploring and marketing of creative products and services to the general public and commercial markets. Our primary focus is to promote the services and works of our artists largely in the photographic and illustration fields. It is also our endeavor in this journey to help others, with information and guidance for those pursuing creative projects or professions and by charitable efforts in the local communities. We believe in high standards both in our ethics and the quality of our products and services. It is further believed that personally and professionally, goodwill towards others has it’s own rewards, in helping others we often discover new inspiration, perspective and creativity.

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I Creator

The world is filled with pictures and images, visual media as advertisements, art and dialog saturating every aspect of our lives. Photographs, designs, graphics and text can be found on almost everything. From expressing an emotion, to reminding us to turn off the lights, visual media surrounds us. It is the way we as Humans communicate, it is the depth, breath and fuel of our souls. The ability to express, communicate, record and create visually is the one thing that separates the human race from all other forms of life on this planet.
I am an artist, photographer, and now writer. It is my need beyond any other driving force in my life to express, create and record. It is in all of us, in every form of expression. The ability to capture, write, teach and learn has enabled humans to rise above a level of instinctual survival.
We are the only creatures I know who spend their entire lives documenting and recording themselves. In millions of forms, and in millions of ways, we say “I Am, Was and Have Been. I must leave my mark, I Creator, See what I’ve done.” Whatever media you choose, take a photograph, draw a picture, write a line, sculpt, build, design, and teach: COMMUNICATE. Create, Invent and Imagine. This is what it means to be Human, and for all of us, I might even speculate that this is the true meaning of Life, and the answer to everything we are: to leave our mark, to be remembered.

Having a bad day, week or month? Need a mental boost or lift in your spirit?
Maybe a quote from one of our personal growth, motivational or inspirational articles is what you need.
Write one down, print them out, carry them with you if it helps to get you through a moment, hour or day!

- Motivation and Inspiration -

- "There are times we must evaluate ourselves by the passion and effort made, not the result or progress gained.
Learn, grow, and move forward!" -

- "If your path meets a dead end, build a new road." -

- "With drive, passion, and desire, almost anything is possible." -

- "Faith in a greater purpose gives people the desire to strive for better.
Evolution and reason define the details of our learning along this journey." -

- "Create! Invent! Imagine! This is what it means to be Human. How will YOU leave your mark?" -

- "Look into yourself, see your commitment to your spirit, and follow your dreams!" -

- "Every path has a personal amount of choice and it’s own measure of the unexpected." -

- "Participate in the decisions that determine your destiny. Be the architect of your own future." -

- "Continue to dream and be flexible to the possibilities that exist in the future." -

- "The desire to better yourself is not an overnight journey, it takes a lifetime to achieve." -