iMozza Oo's Guide

This is a website to try and make the sign up process for RGC quicker, and simpiler. It will be a step by step guide to show each thing that you must do to become a member of the community, as for a newcomer, signing up is the hardest thing to do!
STEP 2: You now need to click the register button:-
STEP 3: Clicking "register" will begin the sign up process:-
1) Enter your Date of Birth, and click Proceed to continue:
*Please note that you must be 13 and over to join RGC, or if under get parental consent - for legal reasons.*
2) Read and agree to the terms and conditions. Once the box is ticked, click Register to continue:
3) Fill in all the relevant details, and don't forget to put the name of you referrer (if applicable):
This is your registration complete! Well Done!
STEP 4: Activacting your account:-
1) Once you click Complete Registration the following message will pop up:
2) You need to open up your email, and open find the relevant email. In the email will be a link, click it.
3)It will take you to the RGC website, and tell you that your account has been activated, and that you can now log in!
STEP 5: Getting familiar with RGC policies:-
You will need to read the following threads in the Rules & Regulations section:
*Please note that the four above are linked, and will take you to the relevant thread.*
STEP 6: Joining a Battalion:-
To get fully set up in RGC, you must post a thread in the How to Join section. To do this you must:
2)Start a New Topic, by clicking the button circled below:
3) You need to write an application, and use to following template:
What is your current gamer tag(s)?

How old are you (age doesn’t affect whether you can join RGC)?

What gaming consoles (e.g. Xbox 360, PS3, PC, etc.) to you primarily play on?

What games do you normally play (e.g. Halo, Gears of War, Call of Duty, etc.)?

Have you been in any other gaming communities or clans? If so, please list the communities or clans and tell us how long you were in communities, what your rank was, and why you decided to leave.

How did you hear about RGC?

Why do you wish to join RGC?

Have you read RGC’s Honor Code, Regulations, and Rank Structure?

What Battalion, if any, would you like to be placed in?

Do you have any questions about joining RGC?
Example application:
STEP 7: Wait to be picked up by a Battalion Colonel:-
A colonel will see your post a send you a message to get you set up in a battalion.
You're now an official member of RGC once all these steps are complete, happy posting!