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On this pages I'll present some thoughts about what I consider "the perfect text processing tool". Main target of these articles will be Writer, either AOO or LibO incarnation, but most concepts are quite general, I think, even if the examples used to describe them are not.

But first of all, I'll present myself. I do not have a developer or UI designer background, but as a 10+ years Writer user (I started with StarOffice 5.2 before the code was released and OOo project was born) with two books published using Writer and several years as volunteer on OOo forums. I have a solid user experience and I think I know quite well both, the strengths and weak points of Writer (at least regarding my user case...)

I'm also a LaTeX user with two theses and several scientific articles written.

So you see, I have a solid background on writing complex document, with complex layout.

This is, then, the beginning of a series of articles about Writer and related tools.

Here it is the list of articles (it will grow with time):

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