RG65 Class

The RG65 is a development class for 65 cm long radio controlled yachts which means that anything not mentioned in the rules is allowed. 
The simple rules are designed to encourage people to try new ideas at a modest cost.

Plus points for the class are:
  • Light weight around 1kg.
  • Compact enough to fit in a small car fully rigged.
  • No need for special heavy duty sail servos.
  • Hulls built in balsa wood are little heavier than expensive carbon fibre moldings.

The current trend is for narrow and deep hulls with ballast ratios of 50%+ and a mix of standard and swing rigs.

Chris Jackson, who sadly passed away late in 2016, was for many years the main driving force behind the development of the class in the UK. Through his ‘Free Sailing’ articles in the MMI magazine he reported on RG65 events in South America and had several plans published. He also started the UK sail number register and was instrumental in setting up the UK NCA with several meet ups at Kingsbury Water Park ahead of the first Nationals there in 2012.

His knowledge and enthusiasm for these small yachts was one of the main reasons the UK RG65 fleet is the size it is today and still growing steadily year on year.

His influence and knowledge combined with his dry sense of humour will be sadly missed by all.

Mark Dicks
is the current UK
Class Secretary and World Council Representative.

Contact the UK Class Association here

UK Sail numbers are assigned to members of the RG65 Class Association by the National Registrar. Registration and number allocation are free.

For membership and sail numbers, use the online Registration form.

B Fleet start at 2013 Natonals
Close racing at the 2013 National Championships

RG65 Class History

The beginnings of the RG65 can be traced back to the austerity of post war Argentina. In the early 1950’s Don Juan Gherzi created the G65 class which was 65cm in length, bread and butter hull construction and a free sailing rudder. This class became very popular in Buenos Aires at the Plaza Uruiza due to the ease with which they could be transported across the city by bus, tram or train.

In 1978 a group of enthusiasts lead by Raul Lando fitted radio equipment and the RG65 was born. In 1999 the present rules were written which offered a greater liberty by way of rig design, the maximum sail area increased to 2250cm2 and the maximum mast height to 110cm. In the same year the class was adopted by the South American Sailing Authority and the popularity of the class spread into Brazil and Chilie.

From South America the class has now spread into Europe (Especially France, Germany and Holland) and is now developing in North America.

Easy to Transport

One of the ideals for the RG65 class was to be able to transport the boat easily. As you can see below, a fully rigged boat fits easily inside a small hatchback (in this case a VW Lupo) without even folding the seats flat.

Easy to Transport - Fully rigged boat in the back of a VW Lupo

Recent News

  • Travellers Series Round 6 - Venue Change

    We have been contacted by the Watermead Model Boat Club to inform us that the owners of the lake, on advice from the Environment Agency, have had to suspend use of the lake due to a significant increase of toxic blue green algae.

    This means that round 6 of the 2018 TT scheduled for 18 August can no longer take place as planned.  The event will instead take place at Two Islands on the same day.

    The Notice of Race has been updated and can be viewed HERE.

    Those skippers who have already entered will be contacted by the organising team to reconfirm their entry.

    If you have not yet entered then please do so soon so that the team can prepare for the event.

    On behalf of the RG65 skippers we would like to thank the team at Watermead and the Two Islands Radio Yacht Club for pulling out all the stops to make these alternative arrangements at such short notice.

    Posted 10 Aug 2018, 10:42 by Matt Riley
  • Traveller Series Round 6 - Watermead - 18th August.
    Entry is now open for round 6 of the 2018 Travellers series at Watermead.

    Due to blue green algae at Watermead this has ben moved to 2 Islands at Milton Keynes
    The updated NOR is available here

    Entries to Clive Bardell by the 16th please..
    Posted 10 Aug 2018, 10:43 by Matt Riley
  • Traveller Series Rounds 3-4 - Keighley - Results
    News from John Tushingham up on the moors -

    "Cold but windy, mostly B rig conditions, sometimes more or less. Very enjoyable racing and I think we all learned a bit more about the boats and rigs. Liz got her new Scurry on the water, a couple of teething problems with it but she loves it, it was a bit too quick at times for my liking!"

    Full results for round 3 here and Round 4 here.

    Next up is Round 5 at Gosport, Saturday, 21st July 2018 - details of how to enter are here

    Posted 24 Jun 2018, 14:00 by Matt Riley
  • 40 Years of the RG65
    A message from Fred Vollmer at the RG65 ICA

    Dear RG65 Skipper!

    On June 24, 2018 our Class will be celebrating its 40th Aniversary!!!

    It was the 24th of June, 1978, when Raul Landó, in Buenos Aires,Argentina, launched his "Lady Susan", free sailing, Braine steered
    "G65" (without "R"!) at the Plaza Urquiza pond, but this time WITH R/C INSTALLED! This became the VERY FIRST RADIO "G65", that is, an "RG65". And Raul has Sail Number "1" since then. :-)

    Forty years of uninterrupted class activity is an achievement worthwhile celebrating, and we PROPOSE to have/organize as many RG65 Events as possible on the Anniversary Day.

    RG65-ICA INVITES you to organize on June 24th, 2018, Sail-Offs, informal Short Races and any Sailing Event you can imagine, maybe associated with a "Beginners Day" or any other celebration.

    Please take pictures, post them on Facebook. And more important: film your Event! A YouTube Channel will be available for your posting it!

    Yes: we know it is on a "short notice", but for a Celebration of this kind it is never to short! Our goal is to have a Fun Time, and (maybe) sing  Happy Birthday to you" and have a toast!!! And let the whole World know about it ...

    Any questions? Need help? Mail your request to mailto:info@rg65

    Let us make something that everyone can enjoy!

    Fredo Vollmer

    Unfortunately the next Traveller's series is scheduled for the week before, but let us know if you are going to plan anything and we can promote it here..
    Posted 5 Jun 2018, 02:13 by Matt Riley
  • 2018 RG65 Rules Update
    The RG65 ICA (International Class Association) have asked the UK Class Association to vote on some proposed changes to the current Rules (published in 2014). The Committee feel it appropriate that it is the Members that should vote on this, and this vote will form our vote given back to the ICA.

    The proposed changes are, as indicated by the ICA, clarification of the old rules and are not intended to change the class in any way.

    The NCA need to cast our vote on the ICA proposals by 10 June and so we ask you to review this DOCUMENT and cast your vote by midnight on 8 June using this FORM.

    If you have any questions or want to discuss any of the proposed changes then please comment on the MYA Forum or contact us through the link at the foot of the page


    The RG65 UK NCA Committee
    Posted 5 Jun 2018, 02:14 by Matt Riley
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Clubs regularly sailing RG65s:

Kingsbury Water Park MBC near Tamworth - KWPMBC 
Springbok Mariners at Alford Surrey - SMMBC
ROFWAC at Wilton Park, Batley - ROFWAC
Watermead Model Boat Club, Aylesbury - WMBC
Woking Model Yacht Club, Woking - WMYC
Two Islands Radio Yacht Club, Milton Keynes - TIRYC
Knightcotes Model Boat Club, Warwickshire. KMBC
Birmingham Model Yacht Club, West Midlands. BMYC
Keighley & DMES, Yorkshire. K&DMES

Clubs with Dragon Force One Design fleets:

Portsmouth Model Yacht Racing Club at Canoe Lake, Portsmouth
Llandudno Model Yacht Club
, N Wales. LMYC
Coal House Fort Model Yacht Club, Essex. CFMBC
Swanley Model Yacht Club, Swanley, Kent - SMYC
Eastbourne & District Model Yacht Club, East Sussex - EDMYC
Furness Model Boat Club, Barrow in Furness, Cumbria - FMBC
Birkenhead Radio Sailing Club, Birkenhead, BRSC

If your club has a
fleet, let us know here.