TO: All Licensed Teaching Staff Members

The following areas encompass negotiable items.

Working Conditions
Article IV: Teacher Rights: Right to discuss complaints, union representation, etc.
Article VI: Working Conditions: Length of school day, contact time, additional activities, conference time, preparation time, etc.

Article VII: Unrequested Leave, Reinstatement & Seniority: Seniority dates, procedures for placement on unrequested leave, changing areas of teaching, etc.

Article VIII: Assignments & Transfers: Voluntary and involuntary transfers, staffing process, transfer pool, etc.

Article XI: Communications: Non-contractual grievances, labor/management committees, buildingcommunication, etc.

Article V: Grievance Procedures: Perimeters of the grievance process.

Article IX: Discipline: Levels, appeal process, discharge, etc.

Article X: Leaves of Absence: Without pay, with pay, sick leave, bereavement, personal, jury duty, childcare, etc.

Article XII: Basic Schedules & Rates of Pay: Classification of staff (regular teachers, part time, etc.)


Article XII: Basic Schedules & Rates of Pay: Payment schedules, training level qualifications, steps and career increments, etc.

Article XIII: Teacher Welfare: Hospitalization, long-term disability, life insurance, retired teachers, cafeteria benefits, deferred compensation, severance, etc.

Appendix A: Salary Schedule

Appendix B: Extra Curricular

Appendix C: Summer School Salary Schedule

Appendix D: Substitute Teachers

Please consider the following three things as you think about new items for the contract:

a. rationale for your idea

b. the article in the contract your idea/item refers to

c. formulate wording for your proposal

online item input form

Directions for Back-Up Representatives

1. Conduct meetings within the building to gather input for negotiations (Back-Up Form)

2. Compile these items from your building by completing this form for each agreed upon item and then send them to the RFT office. 

3. Deadline for submission of building items is Friday, December 10, 2010.