To: All Members of the Teachers Bargaining Unit

From: Tracy Mena, Negotiations Committee Chair

Re: 2021-2023


Composition: Persons in the positions of:

  • RFT President

  • Chairperson(s) of the Negotiation Back-Up Committee

  • Up to six (6) persons to be recommended by a Special Selection Task Force

Selection Process: There will be a Negotiations Team Selection Task Force composed of two (2) RFT Officers appointed by the RFT President and two (2) members of the Executive Council

  • RFT members who desire a position on the 2021-2023 Negotiations Team will submit an application form to the Selection Task Force Committee.

  • The Selection Task Force Committee will review the applications and make recommendations to the RFT President.

  • The RFT President will appoint up to six members for the Negotiation Team based upon the Selection Task Force recommendations.

Criteria for Selection:

  • Applicants must be a member in good standing for the preceding and current school year.

  • Applicants must be willing to attend training sessions and seminars.

  • Applicants must be available for negotiation sessions held during the summer months as well as the entire negotiating period.

  • Applicants should have background, knowledge, or experience in structure and functioning of the RFT and the Collective Bargaining Contract.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Attend training sessions, planning meetings, and negotiation seminars.

  • Collect and read data required to make reasoned decisions in the best interest of the entire RFT membership.

  • Help communicate the negotiation process.