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Developments made by Ricardo Filipe Teixeira Gomes in several knowledge areas


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The pages of this website will be moved to a new location (http://sites.google.com/site/ricardoftgomes).

During the transition period, as the migration occurs, all links will remain active and pages will be redirected to the new web site

Durante a fase de transição, à medida que a migração for decorrendo, todos os endereços das páginas actuais continuarão activos sendo redireccionados para o novo alojamento aquando da conclusão da migração.

Caso encontre alguma falha, ou possua alguma dúvida, não hesite em contactar-me através do seguinte e-mail: rftg.development@gmail.com




This website intent to be a source of resources deeply related with Ricardo Gomes's academic studies, professional activities and personal interests.

It is also a starting point to get answers related with its contents. However, in case doubts remain, be free to contact Ricardo Gomes at any time.


  • Highlights

- TELEIA - CISTER/ISEP WSN platform (->)

- WiFLEX - WiFLEX prototypes (->)

- Components library for Eagle Layout Editor TM (->)

- Several contents in the Academic Area (PT)

- Update of the FMFT webpage (->)




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  • AREAS:

- Research & Development


- Academic (PT)


- Electronics


- Programming


- Environment