Regulatory Division

DR. EDUARDO L. LAPUZ, JR. – Division Chief

Schedule of Availability of the Service : MONDAY – FRIDAY 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Core Functions
  1. Implements and enforce laws, rules and regulations pertaining to plant and animal health, productions and propagations. Regulates feeds, veterinary drugs, vaccines and other agricultural products and by-products as required by laws; 
  2. Monitors/surveys plant pest and diseases and early warning; 
  3. Monitors Good Agricultural Practices and Organic Cropping System; 
  4. Inspection, Accreditation and Certification of Plant materials and seed production; 
  5. Monitors/surveys animal diseases and early warning; 
  6. Monitors Good Animal Husbandry Practices and Organic Livestock and Poultry; 
  7. Implements Animal Welfare Act; 
  8. Inspects/Monitors Feed Quality to protect animal health.