Agribusiness and Marketing Assistance Division

The Agribusiness and Marketing Assistance Division (AMAD) was created by virtue of Administrative Order No. 14 Series of 1999 through the merging of the Agribusiness Investment Information Service (AIIS) and the Marketing Assistance Service (MAS). This restructuring was in compliance with the provisions of DA AO No. 6 Series of 1998 or the Implementing Rules and Regulations of the Agriculture and Fisheries Modernization Act (AFMA).

A market-driven and private sector-led agribusiness sector ready to face the challenges of intensified global competition and able to contribute to the growth and progress of the economy leading to an improved quality of life of the Filipino people.

To provide access to market information and development services and facilitator of an integrated market information exchange that industry information with which to formulate strategic business decisions.

Collaborate with and provide direct assistance to the private sector including concerned NGO’s and PO’s in marketing ventures and in the conduct of market analysis, identification and matching”- AFMA IRR Chapter 5


  1. Agribusiness Marketing Information Section

    This section will be primarily responsible in strengthening farmers and fisherfolks organizations/associations and industry councils by providing technical support and assistance and agribusiness information services.

    • Establishment of Agri-Pinoy Trading Center
    • Inter-agency Price Monitoring Bantay Presyo
    • Food Lane Accreditation
    • Monitoring and Evaluation of Food Terminal Projects
    • Prepare Market Related Information and Communication Technology
    For inquiries contact:
    Charito C. Libut
    Section Head

  2. Market Promotion Development Section

    This section spearheads agribusiness and market-related research to generate and provide informative analyses of market trends and factors affecting the demand for agri-fishery products. The division will also be responsible in providing direct market linkages to farmers, entrepreneurs, cooperatives, and explore/expand market opportunities beyond their traditional outlets.

    • Participation to International Fairs
    • Conduct/Participation to local Trade Fair and Market Forum
    • Conduct of Market Matching

      For inquiries contact:
      Carmencita S. Nogoy
      Section Head

  3. Agribusiness Investment and Enterprise Development
This section will spearhead the efforts of the DA in generating and promoting private increased private investments by providing information on business opportunities and facilitation of innovative business ventures

    • Investment Promotion
    • Enterprise Development
    • Credit Linkages
    • Monitoring of EO 376 Implementation

      For inquiries contact:
      Maricel L. Dullas
      Section Head
Regional Personnel:
William M. Valdez
Chief Agriculturist
Maricel L. Dullas
Senior Agriculturist
Carmencita S. Nogoy
Senior Agriculturist
Geraldine M. Herrera
Agriculturist II
Raiza G. Franco
Agriculturist I
Charito C. Libut
Market Specialist III
Jennelyn D. Ibale
Market Specialist II
Eugenio S. Patawaran
Market Specialist I
Diosdado T. Garcia
Admin Assistant II
Sherwin U. Manlapaz
Job Order
Glory Ann R. Ruz
Job Order
Sawany M. Hadji Saeed
Job Order
Francisco D. Taruc
Job Order (Driver)
Contact No. (045) 963-5751