Project Description

Kowheeli is a robotic pet that also functions as an alarm clock. It can be controlled through a webpage. At the time set online by the user, he will run around and sing songs. We designed and built the first prototype in six weeks using an Arduino board, a Wi-Fi shield and a wave shield. In the future, more features will be added to this prototype.

This robotic pet is specially designed for the whole MHC community.  It comes in five versions:  four class animals that can sing the school song and Jorge with his original voice!

Existing Souvenirs:
The existing souvenirs can be divided into two categories.

Common college souvenirs, like those you can find in any school stores. Our pet not only has MHC branding, but also it has vivid features that will remind owners of their wonderful time here in MHC. Most importantly, this product is designed and made by our own MHC students.

The second category is the High-end souvenirs, such as customized rings and chairs. Compared to those, we have price advantage. The price range for this type is between 300 to 500 dollars. But the estimated cost of production of the pet is 150 each. With school support and subsidies, there will be little marketing cost. Thus, we can keep the price for the pet under 200. 
Key Components: Real time clock, wifi shield, and arduino board                                    
Main Cost:
Arduino Board: 24.95
Wifi Shield: 55.00
Side View of Kowheeli: