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Realization and Simulation of the Hardware for RFID System and its Performance study.

Debdoot Sheet, Atul Kumar, Agnibesh Dutta, Samrat Das Gupta, Tirthankar Datta, Subir Kr. Sarkar.

IET-UK International Conference on Information and Communication Technology in Electrical Sciences (ICTES 2007).Dr. M.G.R. University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Dec. 20-22, 2007. pp.697-700.

Abstract : Radio Frequency Identification and Detection (RFID) technology is a wireless communication technology that enables users to uniquely identify tagged objects or people. RFID is rapidly becoming a cost-effective technology. RFID can be supplied as read only or read/write, does not require contact or line of sight to operate, can function under a variety of environmental conditions, and provides a high level of data integrity. Hence in the present work we seek to do comprehensive studies on the performance of the simulated hardware RFID system (operated in the range of frequency 120-130 MHz).

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