RFF Pricing Adjustment as of 1st of March 2014

Dear Clients,

As of 1st March 2014, Red Frog Freight will be adjusting the pricing model, to bring it more up to par with the ever evolving economy of EVE Universe. 

In our entire history we have only increased prices twice and this one will be our third increase. Since the launch of Rubicon expansion, we have been closely monitoring the situation, to avoid any harsh and quick decisions. As you are probably aware - Rubicon has introduced some warp mechanic changes - that in most cases made the freighter trips even longer and effectively requiring more time to dedicate from our pilots. 

Apart from that, since our last price alteration, we have also observed drastic price changes on most commodities in EVE, including, but not limited to PLEX prices, general influence of inflation and the fact that ganking activity has also risen considerably. Our aim is to make our system profitable both for our clients - happy with short delivery times and top-notch service levels, as well as for our pilots - providing them good payment for the risks involved and some level of protection.

Taking all this into account we will be altering the current pricing model with the following system:

1.3 million ISK pickup price + 700 k ISK per jump - Our Calculator and FAQ pages will be updated when the system goes live.

   New Price [ISK]  Old Price
Pickup  1.3 m  1.0 m  30 
 Per Jump  700 k  500 k  40 

This change is in line with our both previous price updates - by 40%.

We strongly believe that the new system will work best for both our clients and pilots ensuring that risks, benefits and costs are equally weighted on both parties.

This new model will enter into force on 1st March 2014 0:00 Evetime, all contracts posted before this date will remain valid with an old pricing.