Phoebe Protest Ganks in High Security Space

Dear Clients,

As of the beginning of October "Protest Phoebe Changes" activity takes place in New Eden. 

For the entire duration of the event, which is likely to extend until the end of the month, specific choke systems are targeted by ganking groups lead by large Alliances and Entities, taking down most passing freighter traffic in order to protest CCP's planned changes in regards to Phoebe update. 

To ensure maximum security of your cargo and to upkeep the highest standard of all of our services, we will be implementing several alterations to how our service is provided.

We will be also using this opportunity to update our pricing model currently in place, to account for all the changed factors. 

Apart from the above, since our last price alteration, we have also observed that ganking activity has risen considerably, independently from the mentioned events. Our aim is to make our system profitable both for our clients - happy with short delivery times and top-notch service levels, as well as for our pilots - providing them good payment for the risks involved and some level of protection, while ensuring we receive steady influx of the dedicated haulers interested in working for us. 

New price model:

1.5 million ISK pickup price + 1 mil ISK per jump - Our Calculator and FAQ pages will be updated when the system goes live.

  New Price
 Old Price
Pickup 1.5 m 1.3 m 15.38 
 Per Jump 1 m 700 k 43

What are the exact changes to the service during these events ?
  1. We have new pricing model effective as of 10 October 0:01 evetime. See above for details. This change will be permanent.
  2. You need to set your Contracts to 7 days to accept3 days to deliver - effective until end of October.
  3. We are not servicing Contracts starting or ending in system Uedama - effective until end of October.
  4. All contracts normally passing via Uedama system are serviced, but will have a surcharge of 10 million ISK added to the normal price. Consult the Calculator before setting your Contract! - effective until end of October.
  5. We are likely to experience very large queues.
  6. Other systems may be added to the limited service as the situation evolves - effective only in October.