Mogul 6800                                       

Aka: Titan, XV6800, PPC6800, P4000

Resources, Guides, and information

Tips, Tweaks, and Software tested on my 6800 Mogul                                                                 *USE ON YOUR OWN RISK

  • Guide & tips on how to flash the Mogul with Internet & mms onto Metro PCS network: PDF
  • Guide to setting up the internet & MMS (metro pcs)::PDF
  • How to overwrite HTC Guardian: PDF    Get PocketPC Process Explorer here
  • How to get your MSL code: PDF
  • Download Metro PCS MSL Calculator: Link
  • Download GetSPC: Link
  • Download Metro PCS PRL:  Link
  • Download CDMA Workshop: Link
  • Download Arcsoft MMS cab: Link
  • How to add GPS to HTC Mogul (warning: some risks are involved- not tested):  Link
  • Internal GPS FAQ (warning: some risks are involved-not tested): Link
  • Improve your PPC battery life (registry hack): Link
  • Download PHM Registry Editor: Link
  • Applications/software:  Word Doc
  • Change your boring Splash and Start Up screen: Download or go to the source: Link
  • Check out this app that can tweak your pocket pc without having YOU mess with the registry: KaiserTweak 
  • Pre-set up, Programming & Troubleshooting your HTC mogul (HTC driver too): houdinisoft
  • Registry Hacks converted to cabs (credit PPCGeeks ): Internet Speed, Longer Battery Life, Java, Vid Recording...


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Other Smartphones

  • Guide on how to flash (MMS/Internet) the HTC Diamond onto Metro PCS network: PDF
  • Guide on how to flash the HTC PPC 6700 onto Metro PCS network: PDF
  • Windows Mobile 5 mms set up (Metro PCS): PDF



  • Device Specifications: Link
  • User Guide:  manual (Sprint)
  • Cnet reviews: Link
  • Carriers: Verizon, Alltel, Sprint and Metro PCS (flashed)
  • Can accept SDHC 8gb sd micro card: (if your phone can't read SDHC 8gb, try this fix)

Free Pocket PC/Windows Mobile Software

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