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This page lists all permissions the app uses and explains why they're required.

Your Location

fine (GPS) location

Your GPS locations is used for location-aware functionality in various features.

To show your current location and locate stops around you on the Map.

To locate stops around you in Quick Treks.

For planning directions to or from your location in the Trek Planner.


modify/delete SD card contents

The app uses the SD card to store manual and automatic backup files and to export data from the free version to full version of the app.

Network communication

full Internet access

This is absolutely required for the core functionality of this app.

An internet connection is required to get route predictions, download map data, get directions, and submit bug reports.

Network communication

view network state

This permission is required by Google Analytics which is used to gather anonymous app-usage statistics.

Hardware controls

control vibrator

The app uses this permission to vibrate the phone when an Alert is sent.

Your accounts

read Google service configuration

This permission is required by any app that uses Google Maps V2.