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Alerts provide a way to get notifications in the phone's status bar when certain events occur.

You can set different types of alerts depending on where you are in the app and what features the current transit system you're using supports.

Vehicle Arrival Alert

This type of alert will notify you when a vehicle is approaching a stop.

This is a convenient way of getting notified of when it's time to make your way to the stop and not waste time waiting unnecessarily.

Just select at what time you want to be alerted, measured in minutes from vehicle arrival, up to 30 minutes. This is basically how much time you need to get to the stop.

NOTE: due to varying accuracy and traffic conditions, always give yourself at least an extra 2 or 3 minutes to get to your stop!

Once you have set the alert, go on about your business. The app will periodically check in the background for the next vehicle that is within the specified distance to your stop.

If the transit system identifies individual vehicles, any vehicles that are already arriving within the specified alert time when you set it are ignored.

So, for example, if you set a 5 minute alert and two vehicles are coming in 2 and 4 minutes, you will not get an alert until the next vehicle after those comes within 5 minutes.

This simply assumes you wouldn't make it to the stop in time so there's no point worrying about them.

Once a vehicle is within the specified time, you get an alert indicating the route and arrival time.

You can expand the notification area to view the full alert message.

The full message will include additional information about the vehicle, if the transit system in question provides it.

Click the message to re-open the app.

Vehicle Destination Alert

Once you know which vehicle you are going to board, if you've set a destination stop for the selected Trek and the transit system supports identifying individual vehicles, you can also get an alert when you're approaching your destination.

The app which check for your vehicle's arrival at the destination stop and when it is about 2 minutes away, will notify you that you're approaching your stop so you won't miss it.

Click the message to re-open the app.