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Response To Comments (Free)

This is a blog where I post responses to select comments posted by users on the Android Market for the free version of the app.

If you've posted a question, complaint, bug report, feature request, or something along those lines, see below for my response.

If and when I adequately address your concern, please consider updating your comment, or just email me directly with feedback.

I respond to some comments with a wee bit of sarcasm - these are meant to be taken in a light-hearted manner.

Please do not read if you do not have a sense of humor.

Response to Eric Thomas

posted Mar 13, 2014, 7:51 AM by Tre King   [ updated Mar 13, 2014, 7:51 AM ]

     Eric Thomas (March 5th, 2014)
Doesn't work! Use to work, now it doesn't accept any codes to get to look at the routes.

Eric Proportions - Hi Eric, I tried replying to your issue on Google Play last week but did not get a response or update.

Please remember that the Google Play Store is not a support forum. If you have any issue with the app, please use the built-in bug-reporting feature (that's what it's there for!) or just email me directly! I respond to every single email I get!

The issue you mention was a bug introduced in the last update, indeed.

However, I did post an alert about it to notify everyone of the problem and got to work on fixing it right away.

The issue was resolved within 24 hours and the app should now be functioning normally.

You were quick to drop a 1-star rating over this issue - would you consider updating your rating considering that the issue has been fixed for over a week now?

P.S. - I still love your English Muffins even though you gave me this 1-star rating.

My Rating:     
Does work! Still works, now it does accept all codes to get to look at the routes.

Response to Brent Trotter

posted Mar 14, 2013, 7:58 PM by Tre King

Brent Trotter (March 14, 2013)

Poor Accuracy This app used to be great. Now the arrival times don't mean much of anything. "5 min" could mean 2 min or 15 min. Maybe it'll get better again.

Harlem Globe Trotter - No no no, this app didn't "used to be" great. This app is great!

What's not so great are the transit systems that actually provide the data you're seeing.

What's not so great is being blamed for this issue when they provide the data and estimate the bus / train predictions while the app just shows you that data.

What's not so great is a two star review for an issue that I have no control over and already addressed in the FAQs section.

What's not so great is not getting an email asking about this and allowing me the opportunity to answer your question directly.

What's also not so great is lactose intolerance. Am I right!?

My Rating:
Poor Accuracy Indeed This user used to be great. Now his comments don't mean much of anything. "Poor Accuracy" could mean he read the predictions wrong or the data was wrong. Maybe he'll get better again.

Response to Candice Drimmer

posted Dec 6, 2012, 11:23 AM by Tre King

Candace Drimmer (Dec 4, 2012)
Impossible to pay for Google play, no. Amazon, no. After half an hour...nada.

Little Drimmer Boy - Hello, I'm sorry you apparently had issues buying the app.

Please read the FAQs regarding issues you may have with the app.

I of course would love it if buying the app was a smooth and easy process for you.

Unfortunately, I do not control this process. If you had a problem with buying the app, this would be an issue with Google Play or the Amazon Appstore.

If you would reach out and email me for help, I would love to try to help you.

My Rating:
Impossible to help Bug report, no. Email, no. After two days...nada.

Response to Marc

posted Nov 14, 2012, 5:38 PM by Tre King

Marc (October 23, 2012)
Sucks It has no information on pace buses, there are plenty of free apps that tell you the same information, regardless of the destination it skipped over the only information I was lacking

On Your Marc - I'm sorry you feel the free version "sucks" because it does not have Pace information.

You will notice that the description of the app explains why this is the case.

If Pace information is that important to you, you have the option of buying the full version of the app that includes this feature.

Of course, I understand that you are entitled to this feature for free, since, you know, you are obviously an awesome individual (I mean, come on, you spell "Mark" with a 'C'!) and things should just happen for you with no effort or expense on your part.

I sincerely apologize that I cannot be as awesome as you are (but really, who can!?) and give you the feature you rightfully deserve for free.

I hope you can find it in your awesome heart to forgive me.

My Rating:
Sucks It has no information on why the 1-star rating, there are plenty of comments that are reasonable and give me information, regardless of this rant you skipped over the app description so this "review" is seriously lacking

Response to Suan

posted Oct 21, 2012, 9:37 AM by Tre King

Suan Aik (September 3, 2010)
No train schedules no renaming of treks. Get chicago transit tracker lite instead

Suan Song - You'll be happy to know that the free version has both real time train tracking and renaming of Treks.

Thanks for your feedback.

My Rating:
Yes to train schedules and renaming of treks. No need for chicago transit tracker lite

Response to Mark

posted Sep 24, 2012, 9:11 AM by Tre King

Mark (September 21, 2012)
Crippled demo

On Your Mark - Wow, seriously? Come on, man.

I guess you missed the giant block of text attached to the description of the app.

Here, let me re-post it for you here:


See that? See the "has limited or demo-only features"? That's exactly what you get.

Sorry if you didn't read the description and had higher expectations.

My Rating:
Crippled review

Response to Amit

posted Sep 2, 2012, 10:58 AM by Tre King

Amit (September 2, 2012)
It was so great! But now... Loved this app, was so worth it, but now in the designers attempts to get ppl to buy the pay version we run into problems. Used to list all upcoming busses for me, now I only see one bus on that route, usually 30 minutes out, not the 5 or 15 out anymore. Hell, today it wont load anything at all after the last update. It was fine before, ads weren't a problem. But now it Isn't worth having at all anymore, a real shame, I loved the way it was and used it daily before.

God Amit - First, please read the FAQs. If you're having an issue, please email me. I cannot help you this way!

Second, the issue you're experiencing today is an issue with the Bus Tracker System. It's not my fault!

Third, I really did not understand much of what you're saying about listing all upcoming buses and 30 minutes out or 5 or 15. I'm confused! Please email me for help!

My Rating:
It was so great! But now... Loved this user, was so reasonable, but now he attempts to get me to help by posting a comment but that runs into problems.

Response to Pri

posted Aug 23, 2012, 4:21 PM by Tre King

Pri (August 28, 2010)
Sounds great but for the rest of us who use the L and Pace, we have no way of testing this should let us test the FULL version

Pri Angle - I'm so confused. What sounds great? How can't you test the app?

The app is specifically designed to show you what you can do with the full version of the app.

I have no way to let you "test the FULL version" without giving it away for free!

If you want to test the full version, what you can do is just buy it and if you don't like it, just email me and I can issue you a refund.

Also, the L is now available for free ... so ...

My Rating:
Doesn't sound great - at all - so for the rest of us that are reasonable, you have L for free and can test the app by buying the full version...commenter should use email for these issues

Response to Rigoberto

posted Aug 11, 2012, 3:55 PM by Tre King

Rigoberto on (August 28, 2010)
It suckss the times arent accurate i missed a doctors appointment bcuz of this app its garbage

Rigomortis - Well, I am sorry that you missed your appointment.

But the times given by the app are coming directly from the CTA, so that's out of my control.

I can certainly understand you being upset, though. Were the 'rhoids acting up again!?

I can only imagine how uncomfortable it was to wait for and then ride a CTA bus with a literal pain in your ass!


My Rating:
It suckss the comment isnt accurate i missed the point bcuz of this review its garbage

Response to Inaki

posted Jul 30, 2012, 2:52 PM by Tre King

Inaki (July 22, 2012)
Great app but I am overly tired of getting notifications every time someone replies to a comment

Inakulate - Hello. I respond to comments this way as I have no other means of addressing user issues when people don't contact me.

However, as stated in the FAQs, if you are annoyed by the alerts you can simply uncheck the option in the Settings page.

You will not receive any more notification after that. Hope that helps.

My Rating:
Great rating but I am overly tired of getting complaints of getting notifications for replies to comments when you have the option to disable them

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