Grammar / Pronunciation 



Digital Storytelling

Instructor:  Kristi Reyes, Noncredit ESL

MiraCosta College Community Learning Center

Oceanside, CA

Weeks 1 - 2:

Review of Concrete Words (Nouns, Active Verbs, Adjectives) for Descriptive Writing

Past Tense

Regular Verbs

Review how to form regular verbs. 

View this online PowerPoint.  Listen and repeat some common regular verbs to practice your pronunciation.  Use headphones.

Online practice:

Practice and quiz yourself on -ed pronunciations with these links: (wait for this to download)

Listening/Speaking Practice

The Brahman's Wish

Irregular Verbs

Review common irregular verbs.  

List of 50 Most Common Irregular Verbs..

View this online PowerPoint with headphones. 

Negatives in Past Tense

View the online PowerPoint.

Online Practice:

Flash quizzes on irregular forms:     A - B     C - D     E - F     G - H     K - M (1)
Flash quizzes on irregular forms:     P - S    S     More S     T - W (1)
Flash review quizzes on irregular forms:     Quiz 1     Quiz 2 (1)
Flash quiz on verbs with similar past/present tense forms. (1)
Flash quiz on regular/irregular verbs. (1)
A Birthday Party:  Past tense questions (1)
A Disastrous Day  Flash quiz on irregular forms (1)
My Beard  Flash quiz on irregular forms (1)
A Little Accident  Flash quiz on irregular forms (1)

Quiz yourself on past tense.  Click on the link and then click Unit Self Tests 6, 7

 Also try Part Self Tests Self, Self Test II:

Section One
Section Two


 Weeks 3 - 4

Past with Past Continuous Tense

PowerPoint for Review

Online Exercises:

Was Playing / Played:  Flash quiz on past and past in progress (1)

Quiz yourself on past continuous and past.  Click on the link and then click Unit Self Tests 9, 10.


Weeks 5 - 6



Practice Conjunctions with these online exercises:

 Conjunctive Adverbs


Practice exercises: