ESL Digital Storytelling Academy

MiraCosta College Community Learning Center

Summer 2008

Kristi Reyes, Instructor (email)

Sue Otis, Aide (email)


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Congratulations!  Your digital stories were fantastic!!  To see photos and more, go to

It was a pleasure working with you all. -- Kristi


Weekly Activities

To see agendas for computer lab time, view links for online work, and to know what to do each week, scroll down.  


Week 1:  June 9 - 12

About this Class


Self introduction Movie:  SelfIntroductionMovie.doc

Instructor's Sample

Student Photos

Grammar:  Review of Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives and Past Tense


Digital Story: 


Week 2:  June 16 - 19

What is a story?

Ten Basic Elements of Stories

Note-Taking Form

Chart for In-Class Reading


Technical:  Making Your Own Digital Story

Programs, File Types, Icons


Grammar:  Past Tense


Digital Story: 

Week 3:  June 23 - 26

Grammar:  Past with Past Continuous


Digital Story: 

  • Record Voice-overs

  • Mix in music/sound FX

  • Export soundtrack

  • Storyboard

  • Good and Bad Images:  Symbolism

  • Find and save images


    Week 4:  June 30 - July 3

    Grammar:  Past with Past Continuous


    Digital Story: 

    • Begin Movie Maker project: Import soundtrack and images

    • Add title(s), credits, effects, transitions

    Week 5:  July 7 - 10

    Grammar:  Conjunctions 

    (Introduction to class exercise)


    Digital Story: 

    • Align audio and video

    • Finish movie 1.0

    • See rough cuts

    • Make revisions

    • Sign releases


    Week 6:  July 14 - 17  Final Week!

    Grammar:  Conjunctions


    Digital Story: 

    • Make final revisions

    • Finish movie 2.0 (FINAL VERSION)

    • Burn to CD and (optional) upload to class blog, own website, or video sharing site

    • Scoring Rubric

    Digital Storytelling Showcase:

    Congratulations "Ozkar" Winners and all of you!


    Booklet for ESL Digital Storytelling Academy Summer 2008

  • Important Links

    Download Audacity

    Audacity Tutorials

    Download MovieMaker

    Movie Maker Tutorials

    Find photos online

    Find music and sound effects online


    Free Legal Music Downloads (mp3s)

    JamStudio - make your own music online

    Jamendo free music for download

    SimplytheBest Free Sounds

    Partners in Rhyme Free Sound Effects

    Many .wav Sound Files

    TheFreeSite .wav sound files for download

    Freeplay Free Music Downloads

    Partners in Rhyme

    Podsafe Audio


    A1 Free Sound Effects

    More Free Music

    Free Music

    Wave Central