With the rapid proliferation of inexpensive acquisition and storage devices, multimedia objects can be easily created, stored, transmitted, modified and tampered with by anyone. During its lifetime, a digital object might go through several processing stages, including multiple analog-to-digital (A/D) and digital-to-analog (D/A) conversions, coding and decoding, transmission, editing (either aimed at enhancing the quality, creating new content, mixing pre-existing material, or tampering with the content). 

The REWIND project (funded within the FP7 ICT FET-Open funding scheme) starts from the fact that each of these processing steps necessarily leaves a characteristic footprint, which can be potentially detected and analyzed to trace back the past history of the available multimedia object in a blind fashion, i.e. without having access to the original content.

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 November 2013
 Digital Doctoring: How to tell the real from the fake - REWIND sponsored workshop - Milan, November 12, 2013
 November 2013
 REWIND showcases its results at ICT 2013 in Vilnius
 October 2013
 REWIND participates to ENFSI - DIWG meeting in Athens
 October 2013
 REWIND is one of the sponsors of IEEE Multimedia Signal Processing Workshop (MMSP'13)
 October 2013
 Top-10% paper award at MMSP 2013 for the work “Local tampering detection in video sequences”
 October 2013
 Top-10% paper award at MMSP 2013 for the work “Localization of forgeries in MPEG-2 video through GOP size and DQ analysis”
 September 2013
 Top-10% paper at ICIP 2013 for the work “Transform coder identification with double quantized data”
 September 2013
 Top-10% paper at ICIP 2013 for the work “Identification of the motion estimation strategy using eigenalgorithms”
 May 2013
 IEEE IFS-TC Image Forensic Challenge - supported by REWIND

 May 2013
 First IEEE SPS Italy Chapter Summer School on Signal Processing - supported by REWIND

 5 March 2013
 GTTI-MMSP 2013 Best demo award for the work on "Video recapture detection based on ghosting artifacts Analysis" presented by P. Bestagini
 19 September 2012
 Top-10% paper award at MMSP 2012 for the work “Multiple Compression Detection for Video Sequences”
 29 August 2012
 Special Session on "Uncovering the processing history of multimedia objects" at EUSIPCO 2012
 1 May 2012
D2.1 (First report on mathematical models) is publicly available online
D5.2 (Report on application scenarios, use cases and first datasets) is publicly available online

 10 April 2012
Press release on project results "Faro de Vigo"

 25-30 March 2012
REWIND papers presented at IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Language Processing, Kyoto, Japan, March 2012. http://www.icassp2012.com/

 27 September 2011D3.1 (State-of-the-art on multimedia footprint detection) is publicly available online
14 September 2011G. Valenzise received the "Best student paper award" at the IEEE International Conference on Image Processing 2011, for the work "Countering JPEG antiforensics" with V. Nobile, M. Tagliasacchi, S. Tubaro

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