May 2009
From our family to yours...

The Warnicks



11 Months


May 1:

Mommy's little model is getting prettier by the day. We can't even go shopping without at least one person stopping us, commenting about how gorgeous Kili's blue eyes are. It makes even the shortest trip out take twice as long. But a mother never gets tired of hearing how beautiful her child is!

May 4:

Can you see my two toofers? Chomp! Chomp!

May 5:

Kili fell asleep in her Grandmommy's lap...while her Grandmommy was snoozing too! But Mommy was working away in the kitchen, trying her hand at cupcakes. And to think she gave them all away to the apartment complex office staff...and to Tara, David, and Tim. Needless to say, the office staff loves her!

May 14:

Continuing my creative streak in the kitchen...chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate cups filled with fresh berries.

May 25:

Can you believe that the creativity is still going? These are home made, double-decker, individual cheesecakes.

And we also spent time as a family with Grandmommy and Grandaddy Smith remembering the family members who paid the highest price to keep our country free...Memorial Day...and enjoying each other's company.