Church of the Divine Bifurcated Serpent

                   For even the Bifurcated Serpent may slither but a single Vector

The Church of the Divine Bifurcated Serpent is based on the simple observation that ours is, in fact, a Binary Universe, and that All of Reality is simply a continuum between Two given points. The Cosmic Singularity has evolved into immeasurable Volumes of Binary Measurements.

A thing is or it is not. Symmetry in all things is desirous. Matter and Antimatter. Yin and Yang. Left-handed and right-handed amino acids. Mated pairs of particles that exist then anihilate. Male and female. And within us all, the Space between.

Pray for the Resolution of Mystery of Numbers, for though the Middle is known, the End Points are lost to us until Two and Two become One.

                                                                                                    The Reverend Sirius Jones, DDBS

A Brief Pictoral History of the Bifurcated Serpent

A Reading from the Serpent's Book