Of the Dragon, of the Stars

Of the Dragon, of the Stars (OTDOTS) is a MapleStory fanfic in the Epic Fantasy genre, concerned with the struggle of being human and loving and hating while an unfathomable darkness overcomes the world. It is a story that seeks to celebrate both selfishness and nobility as essential to human identity. There is nothing to want of perfection. Beginning as a semi-ambitious story, it has grown into one of my longest works.

It was in June 2008 I first had the idea for OTDOTS: at the time, it was to be no more than an episodic story centred around three warrior characters and a tyrant. Having just finished the Deltora Quest series and deciding I wanted to push my limits with regards to plot complexity, I ran with the idea, spending a month creating the main cast and plot. In July 2008 I posted the first chapter. Reception was warm.

Twelve parts were planned, and over the course of the next five years, I updated OTDOTS on a trimonthly basis. Inevitably, my writing improved and my verbosity increased, and by Chapter 10 (2010) each chapter was almost 30,000 words long.

At the same time, the story began moving away from the MMORPG context (though it maintained MapleStory's job and place names) and I stopped writing about level ups and job advancements as I began to take the story seriously. The bifurcation was aided by the drastic changes that MapleStory itself underwent during the same time period, and at a certain point OTDOTS became incompatible with Maple.

At the moment, OTDOTS's word count stands at 280,000 words, and the final chapter, 12, will go up this month.

I am honoured to have gathered a named readership of about 54 (this seems a lot greater a number when you're the one who wrote the thing), and a small fan community that has graced my story with some fanart and even a fan comic. Too bad I didn't manage to save all of it...
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