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3. Production and Operations

We deliver measurable improvements in the production and operations of our clients.  We are capable of developing production and operations strategies that address the specific business requirements, taking competitor and industry activity into consideration. These strategic services are augmented by our strong implementation capabilities.

One of our key strengths is our ability to translate production and operations strategies into real improvement. We work closely with our clients to develop the implementation blueprint that will take the newly developed strategy to real change and improved performance. The blueprint comprises of the key areas that need to be impacted to achieve the strategic intent and include the following dimensions:

  • Process
  • Work practice
  • Performance management
  • Behaviour changes and
  • Measurement changes

Addressing all these dimensions in a structured manner is pivotal to ensuring the realisation of measurable improvement.

Our collaborative approach ensures that the required buy-in to the planned change is reached. Once this buy-in has been attained, the implementation commences. Typically we work with a carefully selected team comprising client staff that, once seconded to the implementation project, is trained in our approaches and methodologies. Armed with this training they work side-by-side with the our consultants to implement the required changes to bring about the improvement and organisational alignment to move the company forward to achieve its strategic intent and to bring about sustained performance improvement.

We have successfully applied our approach and methodologies across a wide spectrum of industries from mining, through engineering to manufacturing and services industries in both developing and developed economies.