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1. Business Strategy

Direction Setting and Competitive Positioning

R-e-volution's Business Strategy offerings cover a number of key focus areas. These are:

  • Future Foresight Development
  • Future Insight Development
  • Strategic Intelligence Development
  • Direction Setting
  • Competitive Positioning
  • Competitiveness Attainment Planning and Implementation

Underpinning our Business Strategy offering is our futures study led strategic enterprise transformation model that provides a platform for the development of sustainable shareholder and stakeholder value creation.(Refer to the Attachment below for our White paper on this topic)

Our firm assists our clients with their direction setting - dealing with the development (or confirmation) of their strategic intent, within the context of the markets in which they are competing. 

In addition we support our clients when they determine their competitive positioning - how do they differentiate themselves in their chosen markets. In both instances, the key question that is addressed is how strategic intent and competitive positioning translate into greater competitiveness and profitability/shareholder value.

Achieving the required outcomes for our clients is built upon an extensive offering to our client in the area of business strategy. Having done work in the assessment of the international investment climate, we are able to assist clients with the development of the most appropriate market entry strategy, supported by the business model that will enable our client to effectively enter the market and operate profitably.

In addition our understanding of and exposure to industry development and competitiveness enables us to develop incisive, yet comprehensive and implementable strategies. While we bring our extensive industry and global industry to bear in strategy engagements, we are acutely aware of the need to collaborate closely with our clients to ensure that we harness their insights and understanding of their industry, business and operations to ensure that our recommendations are implementable, even though they may very well be challenging.

R-e-volution's capabilities in business strategy extend to development of futures studies practices, culminating in strategic intelligence. The strategic intelligence that is developed is used to enable the company leadership to confirm their strategic direction. This confirmation is supported by the development of scenarios that inform the decision-making, as well as the commitment to the strategic intent of the company. 

Once the strategic intent has been confirmed, we guide the company leadership through a company review to determine the alignment gaps - those aspects and factors that will prevent the attainment of the strategic intent. Armed with the alignment gaps, we assist the company leadership with the development of enterprise transformation action steps to close the gap. 

Apart from assisting our clients with the development of the transformation roadmap, we are do provide hands-on  transition management and support to ensure the attainment of the intended future state, thus ensuring that the company's direction is set and competitive positioning is substantively improved through the implementation of the strategic roadmap.
Eugene Klopper,
Mar 11, 2010, 7:28 AM