C. Services

R-e-volution’s normal style of engagements sees us working with our clients to, not only develop, but also implement the improvement blueprint. This approach ensures that the set objectives and outcomes are realised.

Our collaborative and integrated working style ensures that we develop and leave behind the capacity and capability to entrench the solution development approach throughout our clients’ organisations.

The key to our success lies in the broad knowledge and skills levels of our people. This skills base enables us to deal with the intricacies of the multifaceted situations our clients are faced with.

We are equipped to facilitate our clients through interventions that require either revolutionary changes (“radical action”) or, conversely, evolutionary changes (“evolutionary action”) to address the issues confronting them. Our involvement with our clients is treated with the same intensity and sincerity as if we were involved in a real life revolution. As a result we believe in assertive, yet empathetic, interaction because human lives are at stake, while a successful outcome is based on significant commitment to the cause (of our clients), supported by thorough planning and rigorous effort.

A number of attributes ensure R-e-volution's ability to deliver value:

Heritage of business problem solving: - experience in identifying, developing and implementing solutions with an enterprise-wide perspective and value-creating impact, in multiple industries

Full spectrum of services: - capabilities in strategy, operations and enabling technologies

Focus on the CEO agenda: - knowledge and insight on the issues that drive executives’ strategic and operational decisions

Emphasis on understanding the client’s business: - identifying and understanding business drivers, analysing current performance within the context of CEO requirements and identifying opportunities for improvement

Passion to implement: - burning passion to ensure that benefits from solutions identified and developed are implemented