B. Background - A unique South Africa-based Consulting Firm

Established in June 2000, R-e-volution is a unique, South Africa based, management consulting firm that specialises in delivering high-impact measurable results.

Our consulting approach, based on the combined strengths of tier one consulting firms such as Cap Gemini, A.T. Kearney, the implementation consulting firms such as Knox D'Arcy and Total Quality Management differentiates us from our competitors.

We are a small, but highly focused, consulting firm. Our entire focus is on enabling our clients to address and solve the business problems, issues and opportunities they are faced with. Our services encompass the entire value chain covering the strategic issues Chief Executive Officers are grappling with through to the operational capabilities that ensure business delivery.

A clear understanding of our strengths and capabilities has enabled us to turn our small size into a source of competitive advantage, as we are able to develop and implement solutions that address client specific requirements, without being burdened with existing relationships that may detract from the requirements of the solution.

Early in our existence we realised that we could not (and did not want to) compete head-on with the large, multinational, or audit-based consulting firms. To achieve our strategic objective of being the premier solution enabling firm, we have differentiated ourselves by not having a wall-to-wall solutions capability under one roof – we prefer to identify and work closely with service providers most appropriate to resolving our clients’ issues, even though in our own right we have extensive insight, experience and capability to bring to bear on client issues.

To underpin our objectives we have adopted an approach, which has seen us focus on developing a deep understanding of the business’ requirements in meeting its strategic intent and objectives – thus the competitive challenges that face the organisation.

Leveraging this deep understanding we work with our clients and potential service providers to develop comprehensive blueprints, encompassing strategies, structures, processes, measurements and enabling technologies, to ensure that the optimal solution can be attained through an integrated approach to the implementation of the blueprint.

Introduction to R-e-volution