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1. Vision and Mission

R-e-volution = business management solutions

R-e-volution delivers bespoke business management solutions that address our clients’ specific needs and requirements. When applying our unique collaborative and participative approach to achieve tangible results we work closely with our clients' staff to create an understanding of the need for change, as well as implementing the improvement actions to deliver the desired results. 

It is our intent to become the supplier of choice for South African companies seeking high value-added consulting services due to the fact that we:

  • Bring exceptional intellectual capabilities to the table
  • Have exceptional commitment and passion to make a difference
  • Have a strong work ethic
  • Bring integrity to our engagements and interactions with clients – we do what is best for them
  • Have an extensive network of associates and associate companies we network in to most effectively address our clients’ needs and
  • Best understand the local and global demands of South African companies 

To fulfil our intent R-e-volution harnesses the skills and capabilities of the diverse groupings in South Africa in an organisation that encourages shared ownership – of both the destiny of the organisation, and the manner in which solutions are delivered.

We believe that the critical analysis, supported by the multiple perspectives and insights of our multicultural organisation, linked to our absolute focus on enabling workable solutions, make the difference to the way our clients compete.