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5. Overcoming Typical Consulting Project Issues

R-e-volution delivers high value consulting services in a collaborative manner to overcome the problems/flaws encountered with traditional consulting services and their projects:

  • R-e-volution defines projects in terms of specific performance goals to be attained - a project is defined in terms of the outputs and results the client's organisation requires and is not driven by the consultant's expertise or products
  • R-e-volution encourages both parties to work and learn together, in full partnership mode, through every stage of a project. We bring our intellectual capital and willingness to make a substantial difference to the table and work with client staff to most effectively bring about sustainable, real-world solutions
  • R-e-volution determines the project’s scope based on an assessment of what the client needs to do to increase competitiveness, taking into consideration the organisation’s readiness for change and transformation – we structure projects around a business case, or compelling reason for a project and specify benefits and costs up front
  • R-e-volution divides projects into increments with rapid cycle times for quicker results – this approach ensures greater buy-in by our client’s organisation, creating a virtuous cycle with success after success breeding a winning culture. The emphasis is therefore on creating long-term relationships with our clients
R-e-volution makes leveraged use of consulting inputs. Apart from our core consulting team, we generally we make use of internal, client resources and skill-up, transform and adjust where necessary.  In addition, this approach ensures that the improvement/solution in embedded when the initiative is complete.