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4. Our Way of Working to Deliver Solutions

As an “implementation based” consultancy, implementing change dominates our services, be it diagnosis and planning (analysis), project management and delivery (implementation) or support services.

R-e-volution works in partnership with its clients to assist them in: 

  • Improving organisational & operational effectiveness  
  • Effective strategy implementation  
  • Creating sustainable value growth  

R-e-volution’s service portfolio is broadly divided into 3 main areas:

  • Analysis services  
  • Implementation services  
  • Support services

Analysis Services: 

R-e-volution's analysis products provide robust diagnostic tools to help businesses understand their current reality and improvement potential together with a structured planning approach to realise opportunities.

  • Organisational analysis  
  • Operational due diligence  
  • Fast-track analysis

Implementation Services: 

All R-e-volution's implementation projects are co-designed in partnership with our clients and cover anything from limited intervention in selected departments, divisions and business processes up to company-wide initiatives. These projects typically encompass: 

  • Improving organisational effectiveness  
  • Effective strategy implementation  
  • Operations consolidation  
  • Post-acquisition integration  
  • Corporate turnaround

R-e-volution provides project management, project resources and specialist skills to lead and support client task forces in implementing corporate change programmes.

Support Services:

R-e-volution provides a range of bespoke support services to assist clients in developing organisational effectiveness. 

  • Interim management 
  • Performance Management training and teambuilding  
  • Seminars and workshops  
  • Executive recruitment and coaching – aligned to Employment Equity parameters  
  • Post-implementation audit & support
  • Strategic procurement