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3. How we deliver appropriate solutions

We provide expertise and technical solutions to our clients in light of the following bottom line principles:  

  • Focus first on effectiveness, then on efficiency: We first insure that all business solutions are strategically sound. Implementation of any business or operational solution must nurture and enhance the long-term strategy and financial health of the business. Therefore we will create a long-range vision and direction and then support it with short-range implementation and deliverable schedules
  • Create self-funding projects: We strive to provide a measurable benefit to our customer. If possible we will structure the project so that it will pay for itself as it progresses. In all consulting assignments, an overriding priority is to provide the client with high value - a rapid return on their investment in our services
  • Provide practical and implementable solutions: Financial and organisational constraints are undeniable factors in inhibiting change in organisations. The consulting solutions we provide must be acceptable within the financial resources available and the culture of the business. 
  • Create organizational ownership in the change: In all steps of the process, we will work alongside the designated change agents of the organisation. This process improves communication, change ownership and the project's rate of return. In addition, it allows the in-house change agents an opportunity to gain new leadership and project management skills
  • Approach every project solution with an open mind: A hammer views every problem as a nail. We endeavour to not be single-minded in our approach. We apply a broad-based, cross-functional approach to problem solving. We use sound business principles and apply the latest business and operational concepts only as the business' needs demand it not necessarily because it is the latest "state-of-the-art" business solution. Our approach is to have our consulting solution fit the problem rather than try to have the implemented actions fit around a pre-determined resolution
  • Be implementation oriented: Even the best ideas, if not implemented, will not solve the customer's needs. The professional experience of our staff comes from successfully implementing operational solutions in a variety of businesses and industries as organisational leaders. In all projects, we create management measurements and tracking tools to insure timely project completion as well as communicate the current status of the program.


All our clients recognise the importance of improving day to day performance, and the need for change that this inevitably involves. Most clients have an understanding of how their people could and should perform at a higher level, but may not have identified how this can be achieved and, more importantly, the full extent of the financial and other benefits this improvement can bring. 

Our methodology highlights the nature and extent of improvement opportunities, simultaneously quantifying the financial benefit. 

We then help our clients map out the steps necessary to bridge the "performance gap" which has been identified. 

Our "hands-on", team-based approach means that we work with and support our clients throughout the whole change process, from analysis through concept design and implementation to consolidation and audit.