The Project Description

American War of Independence Research Project



Purpose:  The goal of this project is to create a dynamic document illustrating two engagements of the American Revolutionary War that took place in southeastern Pennsylvania in the autumn of 1777.  Teams of students will collaborate to create a list of primary and secondary sources.  They will write short essays about aspects of each battle based upon their research.  They will work with archival sources obtained through visits to local historical associations.


Requirements:  Each student must satisfactorily complete all of the requirements below.

            1)  At least five meaningful entries on a joint bibliography due on Thursday November 6.  No more than two sources may be online.

            2)   A 2-4 page essay on an aspect of the assigned engagement, on a topic to be approved by one of the instructors no later than November 6.  The final draft of the essay is due on December 19.  All sources must be cited and a “works cited” list must accompany the final draft.

            3)  Each student must make at least one visit to a local historical society.  The staff at the Cliveden Trust, the Springfield Historical Society, and the Fort Washington Historical Society have been informed that students will be contacting them soon.  In these visits, students should examine archival documents, historical maps, and other written sources.  Students should add any new sources to their joint bibliographies.   Students must arrange a trip on their own time and should go in groups of two to four.  These visits must be completed by Thanksgiving break.

            4)  Students must visit sites that played a role in their engagement.  They should take digital photographs of key battlefield sites.  The class will take a field trip on December 16 to visit these sites.  Students in each group will serve as tour guides for the rest of the class.

            5)  A final oral presentation will occur in the review week after winter break.  Each group will have one full class period to present their findings.  Each student in the group will be expected to speak for five total minutes.

            6)  Students will write a one-page self-evaluation of their project in during review week.




November 6                Preliminary primary and secondary bibliographies due

November 6                Research topics due

November 26              Historical Society and battlefield visits must be completed by this date

December 16               Student-led battlefield trips

December 19               Final drafts of short essays due; final joint bibliography due

January 5-7                  Oral presentations

January 9                     Self-evaluation due