Welcome to Revolutionary War Northampton!


       Welcome, visitors, to Northampton, Massachusetts of the late 1700s.  Our third grade class has been trying to imagine what our town was like during the time of the American Revolution.  Who went off and fought in the war?  Who wanted independence from England?  What kinds of people wanted to stay connected to England?  What was everyday life like here, for women, for children, for farmers?  Were there still Native people here?  Did they take sides in the war?  Were there slaves?  These are just a few questions we had.
        Come into our website, and learn with us as we explore these questions.  Many thanks to a "Windows on History" grant through the Collaborative for Educational Services and Teaching American History.  I also want to thank Enchanted Circle Theater for teaching me how to use the theater arts to help make history come alive.  Historic Northampton and Forbes Library provided invaluable resources for me and my 3rd grade historians.  I'd also like to give special thanks to Rob Adams for patiently trying to teach me how to build this website!
        Finally, thanks to all the students of Room 209 who inspired me with their imaginations and questions and willingness to travel with me into this fascinating time and place.

                                                                Kim Gerould
                                                                3rd grade teacher
                                                                Jackson St. School

* Photo:  our class visiting the Historic Northampton Museum, March 2011