♦RVHouse (0.91.7)       

♦RvGlue - (rvtmod7)

(Included rvglue.exe, ASE tools and mkmirror.exe. Instructions too!)

WorlDO® tool (Pogram made by me(Kriss). New Edit Good version. Good for track Track Editor tracks editing.)

♦RVminis tools (for objects, instances editing)

Re-volt Engine (beta) by ADX.
(That works good on Windows™ XP)

Re-volt's Track Editor Only

                                                         First version                                          Second version
                     (Simple size. MAX 6 pickups.)                                 (With option Double sized track exporting.)
                                                                                             (You can place 20 pickups in track with this version.)

Re-volt newest patch 12.07.
Version 1.10. Included shortcut for running in Windows™ Vista™.

Re-volt's MAKEITGOOD mode help with buttons.
This image made by me (Krisss ), but those images in .zip file - I forgot who made them.
Really good program witch merges many of tools.

Re-volt Chaos tools.
Nice tools made by Chaos. Included programs: RV-COUNT.EXE; RV-DBLSD.EXE (doublesided); RV-REMAP.EXE; RV-SIZER.EXE.