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Come have a cup of tea, swing & enjoy the view of the labyrinth.

I am officially a Kent/MSU Advanced Master Gardener!! 

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 All flower essence blends are now only $15

  I am an Ordained Minister who offers custom Wedding Ceremonies, Commitment Ceremonies, Funerals and Baptisms.

I offer personalized bottles of Flower Essences, individually blended & shipped to you.

I love Labyrinths &  give lectures & workshops on their history & current usage. I even help people build them!

A percentage of all proceeds are donated to causes that uplift the human spirit and the earth. I support a Tibetan Monk in exile in India, and I support FINCA, which is an organization that gives micro-loans  to women to empower them to start their own businesses.

More about Marjorie

 I live southeast of Grand Rapids, Michigan USA in the country south of  Lowell, with my husband, two college age children, and a cat and a dog. I have a BA from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. I am a continual student of holistic health, spiritual exploration and an avid gardener. (see my garden on the Labyrinth page)

Leslie and Drew

Thanksgiving 2007

 My journey into the world of vibrational healing began with the birth of my children, 23 years ago. My dear friend Juliet Kauffman and I started the Homeopathic Study Group of Grand Rapids. She continues it to this day. I moved on to the study of Flower Essences. I loved the idea that our thoughts create our health and well-being. Flower Essences address our thoughts, feeling and attitudes and bring us back to balance. I make essences from the flowers in my garden and I use essences to heal myself and to raise my vibration.

I became a Reiki Master and studied South American and Tibetan Shamanism. I love the Abraham-Hicks material, What the Bleep do we Know?, and am currently reading "Life & Teachings of the Masters of the Far East." There is always more to learn...

In 2002 I was ordained as a Coptic Minister. The Coptic Fellowship is  a metaphysical & spiritual organization that  encourages personal growth,  spiritual leadership and teaches balanced living. We honor many paths to one truth, all faiths & all religions. For more information about the Coptics :