About Me

It's always hard to know what to share in the "about me" space.  How much is enough?  How much is too much?  What is it that you actually care about and want to know?  For such a simple, throwaway kind of page, it often leads to a little self-analysis, which is always good.
For today, I will put away my native silliness and share this with you.  It is my belief that if loving one another is the highest form of attunement with God, marriage is our best hope of achieving that goal.  Marriage allows you a secure framework not only to learn about each other, but to learn about yourself and become more fully yourself.  It's an arena to endure the tests love offers you, because even as your love challenges you, it will sustain you through that challenge.  My husband (isn't he cute?) has taught me more about marriage than all the books I've read and classes I have taken.  There's much learning in simply doing.  And a great joy that comes from looking up each day and realizing that you still love each other, still desire each other, still laugh with each other... still.
I believe in marriage.  Marriage, especially today, is an expression of hope in an increasingly cynical world.  I have had one disastrous marriage and one miraculous one.  The lows experienced in one make me appreciate the simple miracle of abiding and increasing love with the same person. 
I believe in ritual.  Reciting traditional vows; vows that connect you to dozens of past generations.  Taking the time to seat our elders in positions of honor.  Taking the walk separately before, and together after.  I believe these rituals create an important space to honor the significance of joining your lives together. 
I believe in the transformative nature of a wedding.  This is not a casual moment.   Sometimes we think "it's just a piece of paper".... It's not.  The day before you are married is not the same as the day after.  It may take you years to realize it after marrying, but when you look back you find that it changed everything. 
I believe officiating weddings has improved my own marriage.  Each ceremony is a chance for me to refocus on the reasons we came together.  It has a way of washing away the petty stressors in life.  I am blessed to be able to mentally renew my vows, every time I lead a couple through their own.
If I am not the one for you, I'm sure you'll find someone who suits your nature.  Either way, I wish you the best of luck.  I can only hope that your marriage gives you half as much joy, love, passion, security, learning, laughing, and stability as mine has given me.