In a close decision, the General Assembly Permanent Judicial Commission upheld the findings of the lower court that the Rev. Dr. Jane Spahr violated the constitution of the Presbyterian Church (USA) by officiating at marriages of 16 same-gender couples. These marriages were legally performed in state of California in 2008, and are still valid despite today’s ruling.

Rev. Spahr remains grateful for all of those who continue to choose love over fear. She hopes this decision will not dissuade anyone, especially teaching elders, in the Presbyterian Church from continuing to regard all persons as equal in the household of God.   

“This decision makes it all the more critical,” said Lisa Larges, Minister Coordinator with That All May Freely Serve, “for General Assembly to pass legislation that gives teaching elders the authority to extend pastoral care to same-gender couples seeking marriage. “

Janie would like to thank everyone for their encouragement, “Thank you for your words, your love and your messages which have buoyed us all on this liberation journey.”

The text of the GAPJC's decision can be found in the pdf file below.

Communications Team,
Feb 21, 2012, 4:18 PM