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Enhance for a Chance

Pediatric cancer patients at Apeksha Hospital in Maharagama, Sri Lanka do not have ideal lifestyles. Most of them come from poor socio-economic backgrounds, and their families struggle to afford the bus fare to get to the hospital. If the bus fares are expensive, imagine how hard it must be for these families to afford the constant treatment and medication their children need to survive. Cancer already makes these children’s futures bleak, so they need all the medication and care that they can get to fight it. However, these poor children will only have insufficient treatment regimens, and may even die, if the medications that they need cannot be provided due to cost. The government does significant work in subsidizing a lot of medications that the children receive, but not all medications can be provided. This is where Revive to Survive chose to step in initially. We provided lifesaving medications and medical devices. Providing these lifesaving medications to the patients did enhance their chances of fighting cancer.

Revive to Survive launched the “Enhance for a Chance” project at the inception of this organization. We hoped to enhance the chances of these children by providing medications, medical devices, necessary tests, and raising awareness to the Sri Lankan government to make policy changes. This bold mission led to a number of creative fundraisers. We held a successful Gala Dinner Dance Fundraiser in 2013 and raised over $30,000 to provide Neupogen, and a Fashion show, Aussie Threads, in 2015 to provide further medications and medical devices such as porta-catheters to children in Sri Lanka. We were able to raise awareness of these needs with the government of Sri Lanka successfully and some of these necessary medications have now been incorporated into the government formulary.

Genetic testing to determine treatment options is currently the standard of care for the management of pediatric cancer here in the United States. Based on the results, patients are assigned to various treatment protocols based on their individualized and mutated tumors. However, these tests are expensive and are not provided by the government. As a result, physicians are not able to determine optimum treatment protocols for individual patients which affect their outcomes in serious ways. Revive to Survive is hoping to raise sufficient funds with our 2018 fundraiser gala to provide these critical tests for every child who is admitted to Apeksha hospital. This will significantly improve survival figures, reduce intense treatments with detrimental effects later in life, and lessen the financial and psychological burden for the families who are already under tremendous stress associated with caring for a child with cancer.

This would enhance their chances of having the best outcomes and beating the horrible illness we call cancer.

Revive to Survive appreciates your donation to “Enhance for a Chance”.

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