Denis O'Shaughnessy's Limerick

Denis O’Shaughnessy has written seven books on his native city, starting with A Spot So Fair in 1998 to More Stories of Limerick in 2008.

Denis and Jim Kemmy were classmates in CBS Sexton Street in years of deprivation of the early 1950ʼs, and both left secondary school shortly after starting to pursue respective trades, stone masonry and printing compositing.


He is married to Margaret and has five children. He lives in Corbally. 


If you want to know Limerick, read Denis O’Shaughnessy’s books. He has been writing for the past decade about the city's colourful characters, their humour and varied traditions, the rugby ethos, tads of lesser known history, quaint expressions used,  all abounding throughout his publications. Richard Harris was a great fan stating on radio that ‘O’Shaughnessy’s books show us the real Limerick,’ while Con Houlihan wrote that ‘Denis O’Shaughnessy is a story-teller of the first order and like the late  Jim Kemmy, is a guardian of Limerick’s past.’
While most of Denis’s books are out of print, three, ‘A Spot So Fair’, ‘The Bus Excursion’ and ‘More Tales of Limerick’ are still available (at reduced prices), and can be purchased directly from the author.
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O’Shaughnessy’s upcoming project is editorship of the 400-page ‘Kemmy’s Limerick Miscellany’ published by the Limerick Writers’ Centre. The book is a follow-up to the late politician’s highly successful ‘Limerick Anthology’ and the later ‘Compendium,’ and is due for release next October.