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TRIOMPHE Over Your French Exam!

posted 22 Jul 2014, 03:59 by Arnav Rawat
TRIOMPHE is created by a native speaking French teacher to support students preparing for French exams at GCSE, ALevel, IB and DELF.

"I created this App because with 30 students per classroom, I realised very quickly it was just impossible to correct the pronunciation of everyone. We build this App to satisfy the demands of the talented students who really desire to understand the French Language. 

Through continual communication and feedback with and from my students and customers,  I have spent a lot of time understanding their needs and what will help them to take their spoken French to a higher Level. With this in mind, I began to develop a substantial curriculum which is aligned to exam boards criteria . 

We wanted to ensure students and users can practise their listening and pronunciation skills with a native French Teacher. TRIOMPHE is a complete Tutor in that, it explains the written rules in both English and French."

Triomphe is mainly focussed on pronunciation, written rules, gender classification for nouns and matching adjectives correctly.A unique aspect of this is that the user can easily track progress and also revise and rectify mistakes.
A 5 stars app which deserves the Educational App Store Recommended status.” 10/06/2014

TRIOMPHE is now available on iOS, iPad & iPad mini and will be soon ready for the iPhone. TRIOMPHE is a member of Apple’s Volume Purchase Programme  which helps schools to purchase the app at a discounted cost (50% reduction). 
TRIOMPHE is at the small price £4.99 for hours of training with more than 100 exercises!