Astronaut, God Finding Tools, Balance  

In honor of our good friend and brother Nate Camfiord.

Hope this takes you back. 

Jason -

Nate Camfiord (vocals, guitar, drums, bass)

Demos - Recorded November 1990 Newport News, VA
1. Home
2. Picture Book
3. Intermission

Demos - Recorded November 1991 in Newport News, VA
4. Jade
5. Will You Ever Know
6. Summer Songs

God Finding Tools
Nate Camfiord (vocals, guitar), Bryan Wassom (bass), J.J. Garfinkel (drums)
Demos - Recorded November 1992 at Neptune Studios, Occoquan, VA
1. Stitches
2. Time

Nate Camfiord (vocals, guitar, drums, bass), Jason Merriman (bass)
God Finding Tools EP
Recorded by Max Henkel, January 1994 at Neptune Studios, Occoquan, VA
Re-mixed by George Gleason, Spring 1994 at Enharmonik Recording Studios, San Francisco, CA
1. Shine
2. Days Down
3. Lately
4. Goodnight Swansong

For Your Night Drive Home EP

Recorded by Cobb Ervin, December 1995/January 1996 at Neptune Studios, Occoquan, VA
1. Some Days
2. Winded
3. Christmas Lights
4. Lullaby of AM Radio
5. Airplanes
6. Idaho
7. For Your Night Drive Home
8. Ice Cream, and Us Laughing