FusionCash Review

Free Money at FusionCash!

I just started FusionCash about an hour before I decided to write this review so thats why I have so little cash.

Site: FusionCash.com
Type: Get Paid to Complete Offers, Refer people, and participate in forums
Rating: ???
Initial Investment: Completely FREE
Currency: Cash only
Minimum Cashout: $25 ($15 has to be offers completed by you)
Pros: Cash only, cashout through PayPal, $5 sign-up bonus
Cons: Points from completed offers expire after 180 days, $15 of every cashout must be from completed offers by you, about 1 month wait for money to arrive

I'm going to update this review at a later time but I just wanted to get a review started on this website now. I'm not going to decide whether or not this site is a keeper just yet. It's a basic do offers and get referrals website. One thing I don't like is the navigation of the website, it feels very awkward to go from page to page and sometimes even find what I'm looking for. But that could just be me. Other things I don't like are listed above under "Cons".

Now, on to what is pretty good about FusionCash. Their referral program. I have not seen something like it on any other GPT website I've been on (and that's a lot). The way it work is every time you refer someone who confirms their email you get $1. Every time one of your referrals completes their first offer you get $2. And every time one of your referrals cashes out you get $5! Which means if you refer just one person who confirms their email, completes an offer, and reaches $25 and cashes out. You get an extra $8! And that's just one person, imagine if you referred 10 people who did all that. That's $80! And since you get $5 just for signing-up you only have to earn $20 on your own.

So basically FusionCash's referral program is their strong point.

Now, when you go to cash out you can use Paypal, get a check, or a direct deposit to your bank account. There are no fees for any of the methods so that's good. They send payment on or before the 20th of the month after you cashout. I'm not sure if PayPal is instant but since it doesn't say anywhere on the website that it is, I think you still have to wait.

FusionCash seems to have potential and I will update this post later to show how I'm doing.

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