Smart Funnelz Review - Honest Review Of Smart Funnelz

In this Smart Funelz Review, I give you my very honest opinion regrading this new web based app that allows you to generate more leads and make more sales. Sound interesting? Well, keep reading because I am about to reveal what his new app called Smart Funnelz is all about and how it can help you in all your online projects.

I have written a more indepth review which you can read here:

Have You Heard The News Of  Smart Funnelz?

If you have not heard of smart funnelz yet, then keep reading because in this post, i'm giving you all the indie information about it. I don't always check out software apps because I usually encounter some issue along the way but this one has posed no issuse so far in testing so I am happy to proceed with a review.

Smart Funnelz - What Is It All The Talk About?

Its claimed that this is a nver before seen technology that allows the use to create exciting polls and highly interactive quizzes. You can create polls as stated, trivia quizzes or personality quizzes. 

You can add related images and set certain questions that should bedesigned to get your visitors interacting. Here is a quick demo of the app in action. Click here to watch the smart funnelz demo

As you can see in the demo, the app is very flexible and offers some attractive features..

What i really liked about Smart Funnelz is that it offers so much potential. Even though i have seen other apps of this type, none of them have been as clean and smooth running as this tohelp you get more interaction and build some targted leads.

Let me just run a few of the features that this app has to offer:

  • 100% Newbie Friendly Cloud Based Web App
  • Nothing To Download - Hosted Surely Online
  • Never Before Seen Technology Creates High Interactive Quizzes And Polls
  • Create Simple Lead Funnels In Under 60 Seconds
  • Create 'Money Pages' To Generate Immediate Income & Revenue
  • Variety of Money Pages Can Be Created From The Beautiful Templates
  • Sell Products & Services With Just One Click
  • Three Types of Quizzes and Polls Can Be Created
  • Insert Video & Images Into Your Quizzes
  • Capture Email Addresses Before Displaying Results
  • Redirect To ANY Page Automatically Once Results Are Displayed
  • Beautiful Drag-And-Drop Money Page & Funnel Builder
  • Three Step Newbie Bullet Proof Formula
  • Integration With PayPal For Instant Payments
  • Sell Your Own Products or Promote Affiliate Offers
  • Display Ads On Your Money Pages 
  • Use The Money Pages To Giveaway Products
  • Offer Discounts & Coupon Codes
  • Get Viral Free Traffic With 1-Click Social Sharing 
  • Underground Traffic Strategies Included
  • NO Hosting Is Required
As you can see, there are some very nice features on offer here to create some nice interactive material for your visitors to engage with.

I am so glad that this isn't some monthly payment scheme which i really hate. It s a one of payment with optional upsells. The money pages that this app creates is simply worlds apart from anything else i have previously seen and i can't see any reason why anyone can't start getting more targeted leads with Smart Funnelz.

What I Didn't Like

After a few attempts i finally got the hang of things as it started to become frustrating. Yes it does look easy in the video but that is a demonstration by and experienced user and that always looks easy. It did feel a little over complicated at first but as i say, the more i played around with it the easier it got. Please don't let my experience put you off. Im just a slow and very impatient learner.

I have no doubt that you will find Smart Funnelz very much to your liking and probably pick it up quicker than me. Well i hope that is the case.

Ok so that is about it for me on this smart funnelz review and i hope you learned a little more about it than you knew before you got here. 

I will be doing a serious of videos or tutorials if you will for this app so please be sure to check back here for any updates on that. If you have any questions regarding the product, do not hesitate to get in touch. I will happily help you out..