Grammarly Premium Review: Does it really worth it?

Why do you need good Grammar?

Bad Grammar doesn't only cost you money and promotions, it may be also costing you love! No one is safe from the Grammar faux pas, but with millions of grammar checkers out there, you can and should be. After analyzing 100 LinkedIn profiles of native English speakers, Grammarly revealed to HBR the professional cost of grammar mistakes, and one of their pearls of wisdom was the finding of a co-relation between few grammar mistakes and more promotions. Basically, on the professional span of 10 years, those who got one to four promotions made 45% more grammatical mistakes than the ones with six to nine promotions. Read more insights here.

If you run an online business, it's assured that you will have grammar Nazis waiting for any grammatical error to spread gasoline over across social media to make sure it spreads like wild fire and that you will regret it for the rest of your life. Grammar mistakes in the virtual realm are among the first deal breakers and credibility killers to your perspective audience.

On the other side of the spectrum, Colour Works found out that you can marry your online dream woman if you at first commit to marrying grammar rules. After scanning 1700 online dating profiles, their verdict was that: 43% of users are turned off by bad grammar and 35% can swipe right if you know the difference between they're and their.

Eventually, whether it's a job or a love interview, you only get one chance to make a first grammatical impression, so you really want to keep your grammar in check.

What is Grammarly

Grammarly is a grammar checker that you copy and paste your text into and watch it automatically detect grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, and style mistakes. It's for proofreading articles, book chapters and blog posts.

Founded in 2008, Grammarly is an Inc. 500 company with headquarters in San Francisco, California, United States, and branches in New York, and Kyiv.

Why do you need Grammarly?

Whether you know the difference between your and you’re or not, we all make grammatical faux pas from time to time, in part because every day, we are getting deeper into the informal world of texting, Whatsapping, tweeting, and emailing, but sometimes we can’t afford it, because first of all it’s embarrassing, and second, we want to be the grammar Nazis who point out the mistakes and not the other way around.

Grammarly's staff eloquently wrote about "The History of Writing Tools". In their viewpoint, they believe that what we want from writing is 'the ability to think as fast as possible and be freed from the strictures of whichever technology we must use to record our thoughts. Read more here.

Grammarly Review: How do we review Grammarly?

The internet has reviews on everything, and you will stumble upon other Grammarly reviews that try to sell sand to Arabs, so like any review worth its salt, I have searched all the dark corners of Grammarly to give you a 360 review. Let me take you through the Grammarly pros and cons in short then in long depth.

The Cons of Grammarly:

1. Cost

Grammarly offers you five plans;

Individual Plans:

  • Free Trial: The one you get out of charge but won't allow you access to all the features and grammatical insights.
  • Monthly Plan: It costs $29.99, which is quite pricey, If you only need the grammar check for a short period. If your writings are short term plans, you should consider trying the free version.
  • The quarterly plan: It costs $19.98. When you choose the quarterly or annual plan, you get a considerable discount which comes handy when you have a lot of writings to check.
  • The annual plan: It costs $11.66. Nobody likes taking their hard earned money out of their wallet. This plan will make your life easier as you pay once, enjoy a discount that lasts for an entire year.

Team Plan:

Grammarly business: It costs $10/month/member.
Grammarly Plans & Pricing Comparison

Our recommendation: Try the free trial and see how it works for you, before burning a hall in your wallet. If you find it beneficial, you can upgrade to premium with a peaceful heart.

Grammarly premium provides you with more than 400 extra features to help your writings get where you want them to get. The features include advanced grammatical checks, plagiarism detection, and vocabulary augmentation and provide citation suggestions.

2. Pushy Upgrade Notification

Like most services, Grammarly offers you a free version, which comes handy until it isn’t. Grammarly, like most services, will want you to upgrade, and won’t shy away from constantly asking by reminding you that your work has more errors that won’t be fixed until you do. It will keep telling you that there are "critical errors" you need to take care of until you crack under pressure (or not) and upgrade to know what the fuzz is all about.

Our recommendation: That’s why you have to be sure you want to upgrade before installing. If you call 911 when an app nags you, this one is for someone else.

3. It's Not a Human Proofreader

Let’s face it, there’s nothing like the human eye in detecting errors, so Grammarly’s service, no matter how good, will not provide 100% correction plan. It does spot and fix errors, more errors than in Microsoft word, but in the end it’s still a machine doing the proofreading.

Our recommendation: Expect 60-70% of your grammatical errors to be discovered, but give it one more scan after Grammarly is done for a final polish.

4. Grammarly is not a Mentor

Grammarly is a checker, it doesn’t have an opinion. It doesn’t share an overall quality feedback, so don’t count on it for a verdict. Testing Grammarly for an enough period of time, I have discovered that its monitoring process of the mistakes is best done one on one.

Our recommendation: Don't count on Grammarly for an overall review.

5. Real Time Edits

Grammarly allows you to edit in real time. It can be a good thing to see your text being edited on the spot, but it can also be intrusive, not giving you enough space to finish your train of thought.

Our recommendation: If you like to finish writing before editing, then you can disable Grammarly until you're done then start editing away.

6. One Mode On: Online

Grammarly can't go offline. If you're an offline editor and like to take your work to bed and re-ride your train of thought, Grammarly is an obstacle. You've got to be online to have access to all the editing features.

Our recommendation: Finish your writing offline then copy and paste into Gramamrly when you reconnect to the internet.

Pros of Grammarly:

1. Eagle Accuracy

After dedicating three weeks just for Grammarly in order to test then compare it to the other grammar checkers, I will tell you, hands down, that this is a comma hunter. It spots more comma errors than Microsoft Word which is helpful for a quick writing check-up. You can feed it amount of text and it will do a witch-hunt of every possible hidden mistake, especially commas and syntax. Having perfectly spelled content but with poor sentence construction is just as bad as having bad grammar.

2. Resourcefulness

While editing your writings, you need solutions and substitutes. You need a trustworthy source of knowledge to depend on, and Gramamrly is one resourceful app. It offers different answers to satisfy every writing taste.

3. Flexibility

Grammarly is versatile. Whether you write in American, British, Canadian, or Australian English, and whichever writing genre you're accustomed to, you will find an option for that. Grammarly is not a one size fits all kind of checker, which is more what you can say about most of other checkers.

It realizes there are kinds and types of audiences and it gives you the freedom of choosing, customizing, and adjusting the features to exactly what you need. In the screenshot below, you will get to see how versatile it is.

Grammarly Language & Profile Settings

4. Cross Integration

Grammarly has a spider web of apps that you can connect to. You can have Grammrly for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Office, and Windows which is considerate for all types of audience.

Grammarly Apps Integrations


How to use Gramamrly?

Welcome to Gramamrly's home. It's pretty basic. You have the Chrome extension ready to be installed, a demo document, and an upload button.

How to use Grammarly dashboard

Here's your profile, where you have your personal dictionary of words, one that you can add any word you prefer to. You also have the language preferences and account settings.

Your Grammarly Profile page.

Language preferences: This is the customization part. You can choose between American, British, Canadian, and Australian English. And right below are three tables explaining the differences between each in terms of spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Who is Grammarly for?

Grammarly is licensed in around 600 credible firms and universities. It has offered a helping keyboard for anyone who wants their final product of writing to come out neat, but still it will be challenging for non-English speakers or novice writer who don’t know what they’re doing. On Grammarly’s official website, bloggers are singing the praises of the tool and how it saved their heads (and faces) millions of times due to its fast and meticulous results that breathe sense and decency into the content. If you have a good grip on English grammar, but need the scanning of an eagle eye, this tool will become your new pen pal.

How to delete your Grammarly account?

Deleting your Grammarly account is a piece of cake. Choose 'Account' from the menu above and you will find delete highlighted in red like below. When you press on it, another message appears to confirm that you really want to delete it. Confirm, and you're gone.

How to reach Grammarly Support?

Grammarly's support can help answer any question. You have different categories; tips and tutorials, account basics, payments and billing, resolve issues, business and schools, and info about Grammarly. You can also reach Grammarly's Customer Support via Facebook or Twitter.

Try Grammarly and judge for yourself. Keep your grammar in check; it will change your life.
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