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Our forefathers have fought with their lives to preserve our rights, rights that we fully enjoy today. And one of our rights that we should never give up is our right to privacy. Too many movies and stories have shown what great technology can do, and a lot of people are feeling threatened by it. No one wants anyone knowing about their vital information just by using their cell phone numbers, and this is exactly what reverse cell phone look up does.

Reverse cell phone look up has become very popular nowadays but that doesn’t mean that all of them use it for bad reasons. Just like with anything good, abusing it and using it for personal gain resulting to a loss for another person turns it to bad. So even though reverse cell phone look up may be good, it still pays to protect yourself just in case someone decides to something bad with it. 

But to those who doesn’t know what reverse cell phone look up is, here is a very brief primer. Reverse cell phone look up is searching for information or details about a certain person using a cell phone number. Imagine, you see a mysterious phone number calling you up, it may be a cell phone number, and they keep hanging up on you. You're finally annoyed with it or maybe you're worried about it. What you can do is just simply do an internet search using the cell phone number and find out details about number's owner. 

Some people though may just pick a random number and find out those details to use them for money-making schemes, one would be identity theft. So you need to learn how to prevent it from happening. Here are some steps you can do to protect yourself from reverse cell phone look up.

Never give away your phone number to anyone. Only give it to family, very close friends and to your colleagues. Do not post your number in any website, this makes it easier for someone to do an online search. 

Make sure that your phone numbers are unlisted. Even when someone uses a professional reverse cell phone look up provider, they will not get your phone number as it is unlisted. If your numbers are already listed, then its time for you to change it and then have the new number unlisted. 

Next, utilize a caller ID blocking system. This way, even if you call someone that you don’t know, your number wouldn’t show up in their caller ID. A lot of cell phone service providers and cell phones have this feature already. Do not take the chance. 

If you are joining or registering in any website for their services, see if it is possible not to give them your phone number. The internet is a dangerous place and there are a lot of people that can obtain certain information with their knowledge of computers. If you really have to, then make sure that the website is very secure. 

No one should get the better off you. With these preventive methods, you will be able to save yourself from all the trouble of being used because of reverse cell phone look up. Who knows, you may just have saved your life.

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