Reverend Pastor Samuel Rogers And Social Rights!

Reverend/Pastor Samuel Rogers was product of Friars Point Mississippi,_Mississippi, Born Sept 3, 1927, the son of Calcuttan Indians enslaved in America Residing in Helena Crossing community, he was leader for social, religious, and equal rights for citizens of West Helena as well. Minister for foreign and domestic mission of PLMD (Phillips, Lee, Monroe, & Deshae counties), West Helena, Arkansas' National Baptist Convention: Mission also supports Nigeria and Ethiopia on a grand scale, see:  He pushed for equality of Africans Born In America, Africans, immigrants from New Delhi, India, and other minorities.  He was pastor of Point Pleasant Missionary Baptist Chuch Off Hwy 20; just past Helena Crossing  He was grandfather to Mauricelm-Lei Millere, or "Maurice", whom trained and studied social administration and religious science under his administration. Samuel was very involved with civil rights, it's community, and its leadership. Also, worked closely with Ms. Coretta Scott-King 
 and Reverend Dr. Ralph D. Abernathy during the 1964 Poor People's Campaign Of Lowdes, Co., Alabama. It was here that he, both, met and heard Minister Malcolm X (or Elhadj Malik El-Shabazz) give a speech on Black Nationalism.
 Josephine and Samuel Rogers,, whom "Maurice", frequently, lived with died 3yrs apart. Josephine(daughter of Calcuttan Indians enslaved in America) was a seamtress and retired rural teacher. She helps little Maurice, at age thirteen, cope with the loss of a sibbling, Shawn-Everette, who drowned during a family reunion. She advised him to "discover laughter in the most difficult of times," due to a brief onset of depression." His grandfather, the son of Calcuttan Indians enslaved in America,;  
 He was a great proponent of W.E.B. Dubois, EC Morris, Dr. AH Miller(e), Dr Henry Callis, and Anton Boisen. Grandfather to Mauricelm-Lei Millere. Mauricelm-Lei recognized him, "as his best friend ever!" Pastor Rogers was a welknown baptist pastor, farmer, naval veteran. He studied biblical history, social sciences, and trained as Clinical Chaplain. Mauricelm, or little Maurice as he was called, learns much under his tutor, especially psychotherapy. Little Maurice learns to recognize letters and words as early as 3yrs of age; with the help of his eldest sister (deceased) Scharlotte-Alice Hervey, a minor influence. The first thing that he reads is "The Law Of An Eye For An Eye" (or revolution / war) followed by the Decalogue (or peace) Pastor Rogers  explains these writings as "the arts of war and peace."