Saturday Soccer

Super Soccer Saturday and Wind-Up Saturday are two mini-tournaments for all of the players and parents of Revelstoke to take part in.

Due to the short playing seasons in Revelstoke, we have added Super Soccer Saturday to our Spring schedule (in May) and returned Wind-Up to a Saturday at the end of the Spring season.

Super Soccer Saturday and the Wind-up Saturday provides 6 extra games to the schedule for each team in our league.

Super Soccer Saturday also allows RYSA to provide a local coaching course to enhance coaching education and develop the skill of our local coaches.   RYSA is always looking for ways to encourage and educate our local coaches as we know this enhances our program.

We recognize that Saturdays are not always an option for all families.  However, we also recognize that some parents cannot be as involved on a weekday night.  RYSA hopes that the parents of Revelstoke feel that our soccer association is striking a balance to facilitate family involvement in the game of soccer while providing more opportunities for our players to enjoy the game.