Partner for Others

Partners for Others is a local Revelstoke Charitable Organization that ships containers of clothing, food, medical & school supplies, computers, tools and building materials to Southern Africa and the South Pacific. They are committed to addressing the immediate needs of the poor and needy, and then provide the tools which will empower them to meet their future needs. They work hand in hand with local government organizations, community groups and churches, and personally visit and get involved in the distribution of all donations. In the past 10 years, Partners for Others has sent over 2,500,000 pounds of donated goods to the South Pacific, Asia, the Caribbean, and Southern Africa. They currently have projects in Fiji, Swaziland, and Lesotho. In the past when we have received sports equipment donations, it's been like taking gold over there. The soccer organizations don’t have jerseys or footwear and are lucky if they have a real soccer ball.

The RYSA is proud to support Partners for Others by helping to provide soccer equipment for these shipments overseas.

Recently, we received an update and some photos from Ray Brosseuk on his latest shipment overseas.  Here is his letter:

[Your donated equipment and clothing] went to the country of Swaziland.

Swaziland has just over 1 million people and the HIV rate is near 45%.

All these kids you see in the pictures are orphans, there is over 100,000 orphans in Swaziland.  
There is usually 80 to 100 orphaned kids in a village and the only care they receive is from a few grandmothers who gather them under a tree and try and teach them and feed them. 
The only food they usually have is corn meal.  We send a dehydrated soup mix over to help supplement their diet.

For these kids to be able to have even a soccer ball let alone uniforms is usually a dream that never comes true, so again thanks for everything.

Here are some photos: