Field Locations and Names

Here's a link to open a Google map that has all of our fields in a separate window.

Please note: Revelstoke Secondary School and Begbie View Elementary School are new buildings and do not appear in the satellite imagery.

Field Names and Street Addresses

If you'd like to use a street address for your phone or GPS unit.  Here are the street addresses that will get you close to the field locations:

Begbie View Elementary Field - 1001 Mackenzie Avenue, Revelstoke, BC

Queen Elizabeth Field105 9th Street, Revelstoke, BC

Revelstoke Secondary Field - 1007 Vernon Avenue, Revelstoke, BC (also accessible from Begbie View Elementary)

Centennial Park - Centennial Park Drive, Revelstoke, BC
  • Bronco Field
  • Grandstand/Centennial Field
  • Sun Field
  • Track Field
  • Kokanee Field
  • Rotary Field 

Mountain View Field - 601 2nd Street West, Revelstoke, BC

Mt. Begbie Field - 420 Downie St, Revelstoke, BC

Farwell Field - 1401 1st St W Revelstoke, BC

Columbia Park Field120 Colbeck Rd, Revelstoke, BC